Tuesday, January 17, 2012

28th Alabama Infantry, Field and Staff Officer's and Unit History, from Willis Brewer's "Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record and Public Men, 1540-1872"

This regiment was organized at Shelby Springs, March 29, 1862, about 1100 strong, to serve "for three years or the war." Shortly after the battle of Shiloh, the regiment reached Corinth, where many of the men died of disease. Brigaded under Gen. T. Rapier (shortly after succeeded by Gen. Duncan and Col. Manigault), with the Tenth and Nineteenth South Carolina, and Thirty-fourth Alabama - to which the Twenty-fourth Alabama was soon after added - the Twenty-eighth was first under fire in a skirmish at Corinth, where it lost two men. From Tupelo to Chattanooga, thence into Kentucky with Gen. Bragg, and the regiment fell back to middle Tennessee with the army. It fought at Murfreesboro with many casualties, but captured a battery. The winter and spring were passed near Tullahoma, and the regiment was hotly engaged at Chicamauga, losing largely in killed and wounded. At Lookout Mountain the regiment was nearly surrounded by the enemy, and fought desperately, losing 172 killed, wounded, and captured. It was also engaged two days later at Mission Ridge with some loss. During the winter, at Dalton, the Twenty-eighth re-enlisted "for the war." It participated in the severe campaign from Dalton to Atlanta, taking part in all the fighting, and losing largely in proportion to the men it had present for duty. The regiment followed Gen. Hood into Tennessee, and took part in the desperate and fruitless struggles at Franklin and Nashville, with severe loss. From that tragic theatre it went to North Carolina, where it was consolidated with the Twenty-fourth and Thirty-fourth Alabama, with J.C. Carter of Montgomery as colonel, Starke H. Oliver of Mobile as lieutenant colonel, and P.G. Wood of Dallas as major. The regiment surrendered at Greenesboro, N.C. in Sharpe's brigade, Hill's division, S.D. Lee's corps.

Field and Staff

Colonel - J.W. Frazer* of Tennessee; resigned. J.C. Reid.

Lieutenant Colonels - John C. Reid of Perry; promoted. W. Lavelle Butler; wounded and captured at Nashville.

Majors - T.W.W. Davies of Coosa; transferred to the navy. W.L. Butler; promoted.

Adjutants - Sumter Lee of Perry; resigned. Charles R. Harris of Perry; wounded and captured at Nashville.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Perry - W. Lavelle Butler; promoted. James H. Graham; wounded at Chicamauga; resigned. John F. Wilson; wounded at Franklin.

Blount and Marshall - John H. Turpin; wounded and captured at Murfreesboro. E.R. Kiker; captured at Mission Ridge.

Blount - .... Tidmore; resigned. John Couch.

Jefferson - Wm. M. Nabors.

Walker - H.A.M. Henderson; resigned. H.G. Loller; killed at Resaca. Lieut. Robert S. Cox commanded.

Walker - F.A. Gamble; resigned. L.E. Gilbert.

Jefferson - .... Miller; resigned. John C. Morrow; resigned. G.W. Hewitt; wounded at Murfreesboro and Chicamauga.

Jefferson - J.F. Tarrant; resigned. W.M. Hawkins; killed at Murfreesboro. Wm. R. McAdory; killed at Mission Ridge. Wm. A. McLeod; killed at Atlanta.

Dallas - F.M. Hopkins; captured at Mission Ridge. Lieutenant P.G. Wood commanded.

Perry - Charles R. Harris; resigned. Homer M. Ford.

Walker - F.A. Musgrove; wounded at Murfreesboro.