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25th Alabama Infantry, Field and Staff Officer's and Unit History, from Willis Brewer's "Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record and Public Men, 1540-1872"

This regiment was organized at Mobile in December 1861 by the consolidation of two battalions. It remained in that vicinity under Gen. Gladden, the regiment fought at Shiloh, where its casualties were 15 killed and 75 wounded. Placed under Gen. Gardner, with the Nineteenth, Twenty-second, Thirty-ninth, and Twenty-sixth-Fiftieth, the Twenty-fifth met with trifling loss at Farmington. It moved into Kentucky with Gen. Bragg from the Chattanooga base, but was not engaged in any action. It came back, and participated at Murfreesboro - Col. Loomis commanding the brigade - with a loss of 13 killed, 88 wounded, and 16 missing, out of about 250 present for duty. The regiment - Gen. Deas in command of the brigade - fell back with the army, and was fearfully mutilated. It again suffered severely at Missionary Ridge, but wintered and recruited at Dalton. All along the bloody track of the hostile armies through north Georgia, the Twenty-fifth left a record, especially at New Hope. At Atlanta, July 22, the regiment lost 49 per cent of its force, but captured two stands of colors, and more prisoners than it numbered. Six days later, near the same spot, the Twenty-fifth again lost very heavily. It was engaged at Jonesboro without severe loss, but suffered considerably at Columbia, on Hood's arrival in middle Tennessee. At Franklin the regiment again lost largely, and at Nashville its loss was not light, but it preserved its organization on the retreat. Proceeding to the Carolinas, the Twenty-fifth was in Sherman's front, with some casualties at Columbia and Kinston, and with large loss at Bentonville. Consolidated with the Nineteenth, Twenty-second, Thirty-ninth, and Twenty-sixth-Fiftieth, the regiment was shortly after surrendered at Goldsboro, having about 75 men of the old Twenty-fifth present for duty.

Field and Staff

Colonels - John Q. Loomis of Coosa; wounded at Shiloh and Murfreesboro; resigned. Geo. D. Johnston; promoted.

Lieutenant Colonels - Wm. B. McClellan of Talladega; resigned; George D. Johnston; promoted.

Major - George D. Johnston of Perry; promoted.

Adjutant - John Stout of Coosa; wounded at Murfreesboro, Atlanta and Franklin.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Covington - M. Harper; killed at Shiloh. Charles Corege; resigned. Bushrod W. Bell.

Pike - John B. Curtis; resigned. N.B. Rouse.

Shelby - WileyPope; resigned. Lieut. Pledger commanded.

St. Clair - A.W. Nixon; resigned. H. Lewis Morris; wounded and captured at Murfreesboro; wounded at New Hope and Franklin.

Pickens - D.M. Richards; wounded and captured at Mission Ridge.

Randolph - Wm. A. Handley; wounded at Murfreesboro; resigned. F.M. Handley; wounded at Franklin.

Talladega - Joseph D. McCann; resigned. Archibald A. Patterson; killed at Murfreesboro. Silas P. Bradford.

Talladega and St. Clair - Edmund Turner; resigned. William Spruce; wounded at Chicamauga.

Coffee and Pike - D.P. Costello; wounded at Shiloh; killed at Murfreesboro. Dan'l C. Monroe; wounded at Chicamauga.

Calhoun - Mathew Alexander; resigned. W.B. Howell; wounded at Atlanta and Bentonville.

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