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22nd Alabama Infantry, Field and Staff Officer's and Unit History, from Willis Brewer's "Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record and Public Men, 1540-1872"

The Twenty-second was organized at Montgomery in November 1861, and was encamped at Mobile during the winter. Ordered to west Tennessee, and brigaded under Gen. Gladden of Louisiana, the regiment was engaged at Shiloh with very heavy loss. After that battle, Gen. Frank Gardner was placed over the brigade - Nineteenth, Twent-second, Twenty-fifth, Twenty-sixth-Fiftieth, and Thirty-ninth Alabama regiments - and led it into Kentucky. It was present at Mumfordsville, and skirmished at Perryville. It came back with the army, and fought at Murfreesboro with severe loss. Gen. Deas then assumed command of the brigade. The regiment was in the splendid line of battle which moved to the assault of Rosecrans' army at Chicamauga, and lost five color-bearers, and 175 killed and wounded out of about 400 men. The Twenty-second suffered lightly at Mission Ridge, and wintered at Dalton. It participated in the campaign from Dalton to Atlanta, losing gradually by the constant fighting, the brigade being under Gen. Johnston of Perry a short time. At Atlanta, July 22nd and 28th the loss of the regiment was quite severe, and large at Jonesboro. It moved into Tennessee with Gen. Hood, and suffered severely at Franklin, and lightly at Nashville. Transferred beyond the Edisto, the Twenty-second moved into North Carolina, skirmishing with the advance of Thomas' army. The loss at Kinston and Bentonville was light, Colonel Toulmin leading the brigade. Consolidated with the Twenty-fifth, Thirty-ninth, and Twenty-sixth-Fiftieth, at Smithville, with H.T. Toulmin as colonel, N.B. Rouse of Butler as lieutenant colonel, and Robert Donald of Limestone as major, the regiment laid down its arms at Greenesboro, N.C., April 1865.

Field and Staff

Colonels - Zach C. Deas of Mobile; wounded at Shiloh; promoted. John C. Marrast of Mobile; died in the service. Benjamin R. Hart of Montgomery; killed near Atlanta. Harry T. Toulmin of Mobile.

Lieutenant Colonels - John C. Marrast; promoted. John Weedon of Mobile; killed at Chicamauga. Benj. R. Hart; promoted. Harry T. Toulmin; promoted. E. Herbert Armstead of Mobile; killed at Franklin.

Majors - Robert Beverly Armstead of Mobile; killed at Shiloh. John Weedon; promoted. B.R. Hart; wounded at Chicamauga; promoted. H.T. Toulmin; promoted. E. H. Armstead; promoted. Thomas McC. Prince, Jr. of Chocta; wounded at Franklin.

Adjutants - Elias F. Travis of Mobile; wounded at Shiloh; transferred. Wm. G. Smith of Mobile; resigned. J.L. Lockwood of Montgomery; wounded at Jonesboro.

Field and Staff

Walker - John Weedon; promoted. J.M. Whitney.

Chocta - Abner C. Gaines; killed at Shiloh. Thos. McC. Prince, Jr.; wounded at Chicamauga; promoted.

Clarke - James Deas Nott; killed at Chicamauga. Joseph R. Cowan; wounded near Marietta.

Cherokee - Stephen R. Hood; resigned. E.H. Armstead; promoted. Thomas M. Brindley; killed near Atlanta. Lieut. King commanded.

Calhoun - J.R. Northcutt; resigned. Jacob G. Mordecai.

Randolph - A.B. Shepher; wounded at Shiloh; resigned. James B. Martin.

Mobile - Harry T. Toulmin; wounded at Shiloh; promoted. S. Franklin Preston.

Pike - A.P. Love; wounded at Shiloh; retired. Willis C. Wood; wounded at Murfreesboro; resigned. W.H. Henderson; wounded at Kinston.

Montgomery and Pike - B.R. Hart; promoted. Hugh W. Henry.

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