Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to our Radio Show page

Welcome to the The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp 11, Radio Show. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a Non-Racial, Non-Political, Non-Sectarian, Historical, Patriotic and Genealogical organization founded, in 1896. We presently have approx. 30,000 members in the United States and in Overseas Camps. We welcome all men who are descendants either Lineal or Collateral of someone who served Honorably in the Confederate Military between 1861-1865. We also have an Associate Membership for those without Confederate Ancestors. We hope you enjoy the Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp 11 Radio Show and welcome you to join the Sons. We can help you join from anywhere in the United States or Overseas. You can contact us via email at JoinTheSCV@Aol.Com please include your name and phone number and the best time to call you. We also have Genealogy Assistance available for those who wish to join. Email Us Today and Join The S.C.V. (JoinTheSCV@AOL.Com)           

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