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24th Alabama Infantry, Field and Staff Officer's and Unit History, from Willis Brewer's "Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record and Public Men, 1540-1872"

This regiment was organized at Mobile in August 1861, and remained at Fort Morgan till April 1862. It then moved to Corinth, and was brigaded under Gen. J.K. Jackson of Georgia. The regiment was first under fire at Blackland and Farmington, with trifling loss. It shared the privations of the Kentucky campaign, but was not engaged. Placed in the brigade of Gen. Manigault of South Carolina, with the Twenty-eighth and Thirty-fourth Alabama, and two South Carolina regiments, the Twenty-fourth took part at Murfreesboro, where it lost about 100 killed and wounded. It moved back with the army to the line of the Chattanooga. In the grand forward movement at Chicamauga, the regiment bore its flag "high and haughtily in the face of Death," and lost 200 killed and wounded. It was engaged at Mission Ridge, with about 25 casualties. Having wintered at Dalton, the regiment fought all the way down from Crow Valley to Jonesboro, losing about 300 men, principally in the casualties of battle. With the army, the Twenty-fourth moved into Tennessee, and was engaged at Columbia, Franklin, and Nashville, but without severe loss in either. The regiment was part of the army that proceeded to the Carolinas, and was in the fight at Salisbury. Just before the surrender, it was consolidated with the Twenty-eight and Thirty-fourth Alabama regiments, with J.C. Carter of Montgomery as colonel, Starke H. Oliver of Mobile as lieutenant colonel, and P.G. Wood of Dallas as major. At the time of the surrender, near High Point, N.C., it was in Sharp's brigade, of D.H. Hill's division, S.D. Lee's corps, and numbered about 150 men.

Field and Staff

Colonels - Wm. A. Buck of Mobile; wounded at Murfreesboro; resigned. Newton N. Davis of Pickens; wounded and captured at Franklin.

Lieutenant Colonels - Wm. M. LeBaron of Mobile; resigned. Wm. B. Dennet of Mobile; resigned. N.N. Davis; promoted. B.F. Sawyer of Talladega; retired. George A. Jennison of Mobile.

Majors - Wm. B. Dennet; promoted. Newton N. Davis; promoted. Junius J. Pierce of Shelby.

Adjutants - George A. Jennison; promoted. George B. Enholm of Mobile.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Mobile - W.B. Smith; killed at Murfreesboro. Bart. S. Chamberlain; wounded at Chicamauga. D.P. Berry.

Mobile - Bernard O'Connel; resigned. Wm. J. O'Brien; killed at Chicamauga; R.T.B. Parham; detached.

Shelby - Junius J. Pierce; promoted. Hubbel Pierce; wounded at Atlanta.

Mobile - George M. Bonner; till re-organized. Starke H. Oliver; wounded at Atlanta.

Clarke - Dan'l McLeod; till reorganized. Thos. I. Kimball.

Mobile - John D. Fowler; resigned. W.P. Fowler; wounded at Atlanta.

Mobile - Alphonse Hurtel; detached. Lieut. Wm. H. Higley commanded.

Pickens - N.N. Davis; promoted. W.J. McCracken; wounded at Atlanta. Lieut. W.B. Dunlap commanded.

Mobile - James Hooper; till re-organized. John B. Hazard; wounded and captured at Mission Ridge; died at Johnson's Island. Lieut. John M. Nettles commanded.

Talladega and Shelby - Benjamin F. Sawyer; promoted. James Hall; wounded at Bentonville.

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